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Lecture Capture with Panopto

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Overview of Panopto

Panopto is a flexible and easy-to-use lecture capture platform that lets faculty users capture, edit, share, and archive recordings of classroom presentations that preserve critical knowledge.

Lecture Capture with Panopto

Purpose of Panopto

Purpose of Panopto

The primary purpose of Panopto is to provide a method for delivering content and tools that are used to enhance the teaching and learning environment for a class during a given academic period. Lecture capture at NOVA is an effective means to record live classroom presentations to be made available to students for later review. Panopto is not a substitution for attending class, and is not approved for live streaming distance learning courses.



The Panopto viewer is accessed via a URL specific to the presentation. The viewer opens automatically in any Internet browser, and the presentation will start playing automatically. Audiences can zoom in on slides or screen captures, or even make a selected stream full screen.

Panopto empowers users to capture streaming video, audio, PowerPoint and screen components as they happen, as well as record these presentations for later viewing. Those viewing a recorded presentation can make notes as they watch, and save them on the system to read at a later date. These notes can either be private, protected by a unique username, or public, enabling all those who view the presentation to read if they wish. Notes can also be organized into channels, and thus shared within a group. This can be particularly useful for students discussing a lecture or seminar, or for study teams reviewing material for course examinations.

Panopto users have the ability to search presentation content. Remote audience members can type a keyword in the search box of the Panopto viewer, and a list will appear that highlights any occurrence of the term in presentation chapters, slide content, or notes. This becomes particularly beneficial when viewers use the note function to tag points of the video, perhaps by labeling parts of a lecture they don’t fully understand as “Review,” enabling them to search for “Review” at a later date, and be taken to the points in the lecture that they wanted to pay close attention to.

Panopto automatically marks every slide transition as a chapter. These chapters can then be renamed, or even adjusted to allow for different chapters to be set. This makes it even easier for viewers to find and review relevant content.

How to Use Panopto

How to Use Panopto

The Panopto lecture capture system uses a properly equipped computer (PC or Mac), a camera to record the instructor, and a document camera to capture the presentation materials. There are specific classrooms designated for lecture capture at each campus. Please see your campus Dean of Learning & Technology Resources for further details on using Panopto in your course.  ELI faculty contact Preston Davis, Director of Instructional Services (wdavis@nvcc.edu) to learn more about Panopto tools for distance learning.

The TV Center currently administers the Panopto system for the College. Contact the TV Center at tvcenter@nvcc.edu.

Additional Resources

For more information about using Panopto, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Panopto website.


Record and View Presentations Anywhere with Panopto Mobile.

Panopto Mobile brings the power of Panopto to your iOS device. You can view and search Panopto recordings through an easy-to-use dashboard, capture your own videos using the camera on your iPhone or iPad, and take live notes during presentations.  No iPhone? No problem. You can still view Panopto recorded sessions from any web-enabled device allowing you to learn on the go. Learn more at http://www.panopto.com/mobile-lecture-capture or download the free Panopto App at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/panopto/id505718507?mt=8

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